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Excellent Dressing & Marinade and Sooo, Delicious .

I have developed and made a new Latino Dressing & Marinade in one, that's not in the market today. I'm sole proprietor of Bobbys Latino Dressing & Marinade, and I'm looking for a contract co packing manufacturer to assist me in getting out my product to the public. The taste test has been overwhelming and consumers are ready to buy this delicious Latino flavored dressing marinade. All regulations will be implemented and ready for business by the beginning of summer 2020, also looking for buyers.With the right advertising towards the Hispanic community which is my target audience, sky is the limit.

A Latino Dressing & Marinade full of flavor and Natural Spices

Bobbys Latino Dressing & Marinade, is full of flavor and Natural Spices.

It provides real "Latino" inspired flavor.finally a flavor that can be savored for all time.

It comes in two versions: Original and Spicy, two woozy bottles at 12oz each with black cap and black shrink band. It is visually and culturally attractive to Latino's and all consumers interested in that Latino flavor.

The increasing numbers and purchasing power of the Latino community grants my product: Bobbys Latino Dressing & Marinade potency and a wide reach.

Investors and buyers welcomed, In conclusion:

I am certain that once my product has been Sampled by a business such as yours it will have the potential to become a Successful, Profitable product item and house hold name all around the world. Consider this, you have all these dressings, french, Italian, Russian Chinese representing their culture with dressings and not one Latino Dressing on the shelves in America. I think the time is now for a Latino Dressing Marinade such as Bobbys Latino Dressing & Marinade to fill that obligation and give the consumers what they've been waiting for.

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